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Who is Jung So min’s boyfriend now?

I’ll introduce her lover and her love life.


Jung So min is a South Korean actress born in Kim Yoon ji on March 16th, 1989.S

She started her career as an actress when she had played the role in the TV drama “Bad Guy” in 2010.

Then, she took a short break in 2011 to concentrate on her studies in University.

She had entered first on the list to Korea National University of Arts, but because she was at the top, she had told them that she had suffered from other students’ envy.

She restarted her actress job in 2012.

She is also talented in Korean native dancing.

She belongs to SM Culture & Contents agency.


Jung So min used to date another celebrity from Korea, but she broke up.

Currently, she does not have a boyfriend.

Ex Boyfriend

Yoon Hyun Min

On April 2015, Jung So min and Yoon Hyun Min had admitted that they are in love.

The agency Yoon Hyung Min belongs to had announced that someone they both know had introduced the two to each other and they became close.

From the start of the 2015, that relationship had grew into something special.

The agency had also said that because this is the step where they get to know each other, we should back them up.

Other reports says that they met last year, and started dating from the start of 2015.

They had announced the news to the people around them just like the young couple.

Also, Jung So min and Yoon Hyun Min had participated in the preview party of the movie “Drug Dealer” together, and they stayed by their side and made it clear that what they have is special.

The news drew more people’s attention because the one who worked as a bridge between them was Jung Kyung Ho, the actor.

However, after one year had passed, the breaking new has revealed that they had broken up.

Jung So min and Yoon Hyun Min’s agency had announced that they had broken up at the end of 2015.

They are not currently dating, and they chose to get back to a good co workers.

The main reason why their relationship did not go well was that the time they spent together got shorter and shorter eventually, and they had chosen to take the different paths.

Boyfriend Rumor Kim Hyun Joong

Jung So min and Kim Hyun Joong had been rumored that they are dating.

However, this rumor had came up because they seems to get along very well in the drama “Playful Kiss,” and there are no further information about their relationship nor photos of them going out together, so this was on a rumor.

Her Ideal Type of Man

In the interview of the drama “Can we get married,” Jung So min played the role of an “Adult” because she was getting married in the drama.

She said after the filming of this drama, her thoughts on love changed to something more realistic.

She told the reporter that she prefers a man who is soft on the inside and understands her life.

Before filming, she thought that it was fine to chase her dreams and find anyone, but now she thinks that she wants someone who grew up in a nice household with nice parents.

At the beginning of 2014, she also said that she wants to fall in love.

She thinks that it is very important to spend long time together to keep up the relationship, and she would try to meet her lover’s demand.

Her Fan’s Thoughts

The news about break up of Jung So min and Yoon Hyun Min shocked fans because they were doing really well after they had announced to the public that they are dating.

List of Love story Dramas/Movies She’s Appeared On

Jung So min appears in following dramas and movies.

TV drama

Bad Guy, 2010
Playful Kiss, 2010
Standby, 2012
Can We Get Married?, 2012
Big Man, 2014
D Day, 2015


Worst Friends, 2009
Alice: Boy from Wonderland, 2015