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MTV’s  much anticipated new show Awkward premieres July 19th. Loaded with talented young actors, the show features a catchy plot line and lots of comedy. Celebuzz got a chance to speak with one of the show’s breakout stars Beau Mirchoff.

Mirchoff stars opposite Ashley Rickards as Matty McKibben, the series’ heart throb on the show. Rickards is Jenna Hamilton, Matty’s summer camp hook-up, who longs for his attention when they return back to school. So what does this young new hottie have to say about landing this big role? You might say it’s not his first rodeo.

He may be new to MTV, but this handsome young actor has had lots of experience, including stints on shows like Desperate HouseWives and CSI. He has also hit the big screen in I am Number Four and Scary Movie 4. While Beau is definitely focused on his passion for acting, the 22-year-old still leaves time for outside activities that are good for the mind and the body. In between interviews and appearances, Beau has been taking scuba diving courses and training for a half marathon. 

So what can we expect to see from both, actor Beau Mirchoff and his character Matty McKibben this season on Awkward?

How do you like being on MTV and how is that different for you from the other projects you’ve done?
It’s exciting because as far as scripted TV, they haven’t really established themselves yet in that world. So I think it’s exciting to be a part of this [new] thing. I think that they’re very excited and optimistic about the show, and it’s nice to have that with the studio so it’s been great, it’s been awesome.

What is your ultimate goal in acting? What is your dream part? Where do you see yourself in the next five–ten years?
I just want to keep doing interesting, difficult projects. Not necessarily big films, I’d be content doing cool indies and a play here and there to just keep myself evolving and trying new things and just bettering myself as an actor. Right now, I may want to do something dark, but next year I may want to do something totally different …[I’m]  always evolving, always changing so who knows what I’m going to be doing in five years!

Who do you look up to to in the industry? Who are your role models?
Sam Rockwell would be a pretty nice career, he seems like a super cool guy. I also respect Ben Foster. There’s a lot of people right now. I am big Batman fan, Christian Bale’s great. All those guys are pretty impressive.

Can you tell us anything exciting about this season of Awkward? Give us any sneak peaks on what you may have in store as Matty McKibben?
Be ready to watch the rise and kind of fall of Matty. You’re gonna watch me figure things out in the course of the season and watch me do things wrong and try to figure out who I am in high school. So hopefully you’ll see me figure that out.

So tell us about the cast. Does everyone get along and enjoy working together?

They’re fantastic. I don’t want to sound cliché, but everyone gets along and there are no fights. Everyone’s really professional. We all show up and we want to work, we try and do the best work we can.

Tune in July 19th at 11/10c for MTV’s Awkward, with Beau Mirchoff, and make sure to let Celebuzz know what you think of the show!