Woman plays dating funny about superior


(sketches in a game show setting about the

dysfunctions in our families!)

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So when's the last time you let Alex Trebec or Bob Eubanks preach at your church? Every family needs help, and nothing is funnier than when we poke fun at those hard-to-deal with topics and put them in proper perspective. If you enjoyed Match Game, The NewlyWed Game, To Tell the Truth, Jeopardy and The Dating Game, you will have fun producing and watching these skits which focus on friends and family relationships. Your flesh will die laughing! They’re especially funny when combined with music from the “Classic TV Game show Themes” CD, available at, or a music store near you.)

Dramas include:

* “The Match Game skit” - Starring Gene Rayburn and welcoming Doubtful Dana, Doormat Dave, Pushy Pastor Paul, Miss Guided, Dick Tater, and of course, Bossy Barb. An explosive combination usually found in every home or church!

* “To Tell the Truth skit” - “Hello, my name is Terry Rodgers and I am a dedicated church member”. Three contestants stand before your audience, each trying to convince them that they are indeed the real mccoy. Host Garry Moore strolls through the crowd (to planted dramatists) letting them ask those tough questions that only a real church member would know. Deals with tithing, church attendance, and other goodies. Funny!

* “The Newlywed Game skit” - “Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s America’s favorite game show, THE NEWLYWED GAME, where couples from all over America come to together to see if they want to STAY together. And now, here’s your host til death do you part, Bob Eubanks!!!!!” This funny sketch highlights several couples that are easy for anyone to relate to: one is bored, one is madly in love, and the other is just plain mad! In between the kicking and the kissing, you’re sure to learn how to communicate with your spouse!

* “The Dating Game skit” - Well it’s friend’s week on the Dating Game, and poor Job Johnson needs some new ones cause his old ones were too opinionated. Host Jim Lange introduces Job to three candidates: Judas Iscariot, a loner from a remote village, Delilah Davis, a cosmetologist from the valley of Sorek (the reigning Princess of Pout) and Laban Langly, a craft businessman from Padan Aram. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

* "Family Jeopardy Skit" - Starring Alex Trebec and welcoming Rebellious Enrico, Wounded Wanda and Domineering Dave. See who wagers the most on their family expertise and be surprised at the winner! Help!