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There’s nothing like watching a romantic movie with someone you love, which is why I decided to compile a list of what I believe to be the 100 Best Romantic Movies to watch with someone. There’s a little bit of everything in this list – romantic comedies and some love movies to make you cry. There’s also a few that cross the lines of your traditional romantic movies and as to be expected anytime I make a list of anything, a few obscure romantic movies as well. So snuggle up, grab some popcorn and turn the lights down low and enjoy some of these great movies!

100 Best Romantic Movies

(In no particular order)

1. Love Story
This 1970 romantic love movie is a classic on any romantic movie list. Two college students meet and fall in love. They get married and face many of the typical challenges newlyweds do. When they try to have children however, they learn she is very sick. Read More

2. What Dreams May Come
This movie starring Robin Williams and Cuba Gooding Jr. is an incredible love story about soul mates separated by death. Bring the tissue box – this is the only movie I’ve ever watched with a happy ending that had me crying from the beginning to end! Learn More

3. Romeo and Juliet
There are many versions of this movie, which is based on the classic Shakespeare tragedy of star crossed lovers and feuding families. My favorite of them all stars Leonardo Dicaprio and has a modern twist. Learn More

4. 50 First Dates
Adam Sandler stars as a guy who meets the girl of his dreams played by Drew Barrymore. After realizing she has no ability to remember each day or who he even is, he must try to win her over day after day. Learn More

5. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days:
She bets she can attract and drive away any man in 10 days, he bets that he can make any girl fall in love with him 10 days. While she’s trying to drive him away, he’s doing all he can to keep her! Learn More

6. Love Actually
This movie consists of 10 different stories, all of which intertwine with each other. Set in the holiday season, it all comes together to explain how love affects them all on Christmas Eve. Learn More

7. 40 Days and 40 Nights
Matt’s been going with girl after girl after his heart was broken by his ex girlfriend. With Lent upon him, he decides to give up sex until Easter. Naturally during this time he meets a great girl who agrees to wait until Lent is over. But will his friends conspiring to make him lose the bet sabotage their chances to be together? Learn More

8. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Toula, growing up in a Greek family with very strong Greek values didn’t think she would ever find love. When she falls in love and plans to marry a non-greek, she struggles to get her family to accept him. Learn More

9. Hitch
Will Smith stars as a guy who helps other men land the woman of their dreams. When he falls for a girl trying to stay undercover to write a news story about him being a “date doctor” will it sabotage his career and their chances for a relationship? Learn More

10. Titantic
History meets romance in this story where two young lovers meet on the Titantic, the “unsinkable ship” as it embarks on its first voyage. Learn More

11. The Notebook
She is suffering from Alzheimer’s – his only way to help her recognize her husband is by recounting their love story from beginning to end in this romantic drama movie.
Learn More…

12. Straight From the Heart
She’s a city girl, and he’s a country boy. When her friend responds to a singles ad on her behalf, she flies to Wyoming to meet him, where it seems the only they have in common is they don’t like each other. But after learning a secret about him, she begins to see him in a new light. Does this mismatched relationship have a chance?
Learn More

13. When Harry Met Sally
Friends Harry and Sally never have much luck when it comes to their relationships. Could it be they’ve been meant for each other all along? Learn More

14. Shallow Hal
Hal only judged the women he dated on their appearance, until being hypnotized to only see someone for their inner beauty. He falls in love with Rosemary, a girl who weighs over 300 lbs! He doesn’t realize this during the entire movie however, which causes for a lot of funny moments as Hal realizes there’s a lot more to love than just attraction. Learn More

15. A Lot Like Love
Oliver and Emily meet on a chance encounter on an airplane trip to New York. They meet up several more times, but neither is in the position to date the other at the time. Will they ever get the timing right to be together? Learn More

16. The Holiday
Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet star in this movie as overworked and burnt out girls who decide to swap houses on opposite ends of the world for a week. Will they each find the love they’ve been wishing for? Learn More

17. You’ve Got Mail
Email and online dating has come a long way since this movie was released in the 1990’s, but starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, You’ve Got Mail is still an entertaining romantic comedy. Learn More

18. While You Were Sleeping
A man is struck by a subway train and rescued by Lucy, a worker who has secretly admired him from afar. He has no memory of his past and his family misconstrues Lucy as his fiance. She plays along but finds that she is starting to fall in love with his brother. Starring Sandra Bullock. Learn More

19. Date Movie
If all of the other romantic comedies make you roll your eyes, you might enjoy this parody movie that pokes fun at them. Learn More

20. Failure to Launch
Tripp lives comfortably at home with his parents, never mind he should have moved out long ago. His parents hire a beautiful girl to persuade him to move out. But could they be falling in love for real? And will he find out she was hired? Learn More

21. There’s Something About Mary
Ted is still thinking about Mary, a girl he dated (or tried to date) in high school. 12 years later he hires a private detective to track her down. Full of twists and surprises, this romantic movie will keep you laughing. Learn More

22. Wedding Crashers
John and Jeremy are best friends and professional wedding crashers. After one wedding crashing episode takes some unlikely turns, including a stay at the governor’s home for a weekend, will their wedding crashing ways destroy their friendship and their potential for true love? Learn More

23. Yours, Mine, and Ours
Frank and Helen, two single parents with a lot of kids (He has 8, she has 10!) meet each other and fall in love. The kids of course all hate each other and band together to split Frank and Helen up! But in their efforts working together to break them up they decide they’d rather all stay together – but is it already too late? Learn More

24. Serendipity
John Cusack stars in this romantic movie about two people who meet and seem to have an instant connection. But she will only date him if fate brings them back together again. Will they meet up again before it’s too late? Learn More

25. Forrest Gump
Forrest and Jenny have known each other since they were little. Torn apart by war and many other things, Forrest goes to find Jenny and recounts the events of his life to strangers on a park bench. Starring Tom Hanks, this is a great classic movie. Learn More

26. Armageddon
This is more of action film as an oil drilling crew is hired to blow up a giant asteroid before it crashes into the earth. But it does have a good love story intertwined that could appeal to both action and romance lovers. Learn More

27. High Fidelity
Rob (John Cusack) is a record store owner who is distraught after his recent break-up with his girlfriend. He recounts his last 5 relationships in hopes to find out what he did wrong and how to get her back in this comedic romantic movie. Learn More

28. Sliding Doors
Helen, played by Gwenyth Paltrow, lives two separate lives at once in this creative film about a girl who splits in two – one gets on the Subway train, the other doesn’t – both have completely different romantic experiences from that single split decision. Learn More

29. Return to Me
He’s a recent widower, she’s overcoming her recent heart transplant surgery, which was made possible through his wife’s death. Despite their problems and differences, there’s a unique attraction between them. Is it just a coincidence or are these two meant to be together? Learn More

30. Only You
Faith travels blindly to Europe chasing after a man who’s name was once spelled on a Ouija Board as being her one true love. When she finally meets up with him, is it really meant to be? Read More

31. Just Like Heaven
In this supernatural romantic comedy, a doctor is killed in a tragic car accident. Her ghost, confused as to what happened, doesn’t understand why suddenly there is a guy living in her apartment. He naturally thinks he is losing his mind. Can they work together to help each other? Learn More

32. Music and Lyrics
Hugh Grant plays a has been rock star who’s been hired by the current new hottest pop star to write the lyrics to her next big hit. He’s short for inspiration when an unlikely candidate – the girl watering his plants – steps in to the rescue. They start to fall for each other, but will their differences in opinion in writing the song sabotage their relationship? Learn More

33. Happy Accidents
Ruth falls in love with Sam, but there’s one catch. He says he is from 400 years in the future! Is he delusional or telling the truth? And is there any future for this relationship? Learn More

34. P.S. I Love You
Holly is a widow grieving the love of her life. She starts receiving messages and signs from him. While it may seem this would only push her more into the past, it helps her move on and begin a fresh start at life. Bring your tissue box. Read More

35. Knotting Hill
She’s a fast paced celebrity, he’s a book store owner. Can a relationship like this last? Starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. Read More

36. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Recently dumped by his girlfriend Clementine, he learns she had every memory of them together erased from her brain. Eager to do the same, he goes through with the same procedure. But halfway through erasing his memories of her, he remembers all of the good times they had together. Can he stop it before its too late? Or will fate take them in a whole different direction altogether? Read More

37. 9 Songs
This movie intended for mature audiences only narrates a love story between two people who love music and narrates through the sensual and sexual side of their relationship. Learn More

38. Catch and Release
With the tragic death of her fiance only days before their wedding, Gray is in a lot of confusion. She moves in with her fiances’ friends, when she learns he was keeping a few secrets from her – including an inheritance he had and a child from a previous relationship. As she sorts through the mysteries of her fiances life, she finds friendship and love unexpectedly. Learn More

39. Chasing Amy
In this Kevin Smith film, a comic book artist (played by Ben Affleck) falls in love with a lesbian. Is there a way he can convince her his feelings are real? And if he does get his wish, does their relationship have a chance? Or will they be risking it all? Learn More

40. Four Weddings and a Funeral
Hugh Grant stars in this popular British romantic comedy about two people who seemingly belong together but can never get the timing right. Learn More

41. Sleepless in Seattle
A widower’s young son takes his romantic life in his own hands by calling into a radio talk show to see if someone out there would want to marry his Dad. Thousands of female listeners respond to the call, one of them being Annie, an unhappily engaged writer who knows she must be the one. Learn More

42. French Kiss
This movie is about a woman who is afraid to fly, so let’s her boyfriend go on a trip to Paris without her. After learning he may never be coming back after meeting another girl, she quickly overcomes that fear to travel and hope to win him back. While on the plane she meets a French thief, who befriends her to help her get him back. Learn More

43. Under the Tuscan Sun
This romantic movie is about a recently divorced women who risks it all to move to Italy and restore a villa that needs repair. While there she discovers herself, new friends, a new life, and of course romance. Learn More

44. Ever After – A Cinderella Story
There are no singing mice in this beautifully done version of Cinderella starring Drew Barrymore. It’s a more realistic side of the story of a girl living with her evil step mother and step sisters and her meeting of the Prince. Learn More

45. Forget Paris
He’s a basketball referee always on the go, she’s a career driven women. They meet and fall in love in Paris and soon get married. But like many relationships, there marriage is often tested. Will they end up divorcing or give each other a second chance? Starring Billy Crystal. Learn More

46. One Fine Day
Michelle Pfeifer and George Clooney star in this romantic comedy about two single parents brought together by the friendship of their children and a day spent full of mishaps and fighting when they agree to share a day of babysitting. Learn More

47. The Wedding Planner
Jennifer Lopez stars in this romantic comedy about a big-time wedding planner who is trying to become a partner in her firm. Her well meaning father tries to set her up with a man to marry, but instead she falls for a handsome man who saved her life. The only problem is he’s the fiance to her biggest client yet. Will she risk her career or listen to her heart? Learn More

48. When a Man Loves a Woman
Don’t be fooled by the cheesy 90’s song title, this is a touching story about one couple struggling with alcoholism and their attempt to salvage everything they had lost. Learn More

49. Fools Rush In
He’s a nightclub designer, she’s a fiery Mexican girl. They meet for what they thought would only be a one night thing when she learns she is pregnant. Trying to do what is right for each other, they decide to get married. But they soon learn that marriage takes a lot more than a quick ceremony in Las Vegas. Learn More

50. Prelude to a Kiss
Alec Baldwin and Meg Ryan (boy, she’s in a lot of these movies, isn’t she?) star in this movie about a couple perfect for each other. But on their wedding day, a stranger comes in and kisses her, which causes them to trade bodies. Now he is confused as to what happened to his new wife and does everything he can to find the real her. Read More

51. The Wedding Singer
Robbie, a washed up wedding singer struggling with his own break-up when he meets Julia, a beautiful girl who’s lined up to marry a big time jerk. Can Robbie stop them from getting married to be with her in time? Learn More

52. Click
Adam Sandler stars in this movie about a guy who’s overworked and stressed out when he is handed a magic remote control that lets him fast forward through life. But as he fast forwards through too much, he realizes the most important things are his wife and family. Learn More

53. The Bodyguard
Whitney Houston stars as a pop diva and Kevin Costner as her bodyguard. They end up falling in love, but will he be able to keep her safe? Learn More

54. Simple Irresistible
Sarah Michelle Gellar stars as a cook unexpectedly gifted with magic powers to make anyone who eats her dishes to fall in love. But will these magic powers end up tearing her apart from the one she’s fallen in love with? Learn More

55. Sabrina
This remake of a 1950’s modern day Cinderella movie stars Harrison Ford in a movie filled with classical romance. Learn More

56. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
Kevin Costner stars as Robinhood as he tries to defend his people from the evil Sheriff of Nottingham and win the heart of Maid Marion. Learn More

57. Jerry Maguire
Tom Cruise stars as a sports agent when he meets a single mom and falls in love with her, but then they wonder if they got married for the wrong reasons. Can they make things work out? Learn More

58. Roxanne
This movie with a modern 80’s spin to a classic story is about a fire chief with an enormous nose. To help a friend woo the girl he likes, the chief starts writing poetry for him, only to find himself falling in love her. Learn More

59. Bridges of Madison County
A tale of a lonely Iowa farm wife and her romantic affair that helps her understand love. Starring Clint Eastwood. Learn More

60. West Side Story
This classic 1961 musical based on the story line of Romeo and Juliet is about two star-crossed lovers from different neighbors and cultures. Learn More

61. Out of Africa
This romantic tale starring Robert Redford is about a woman who travels to Africa to be with her husband, but finds herself falling in love with an English adventurer. Learn More

62. Falling in Love
Starring Robert Dinero and Meryl Streep, this movie is about two people who meet and fall in love – except they are both married to somebody else. Learn More

63. Sophie’s Choice
She’s a Holocaust survivor who’s fallen in love. But will the ghosts of her past and his obsession with the Holocaust put an end to their happiness together? Learn More

64. The Way We Were
Barbara Streisand and Robert Redford star in this movie about two complete opposites who fall in love and their relationship over the years through many political events that affect them both. Learn More

65. The English Patient
This Academy Award winning movie set in the World War II Era is about a nurse who cares for a mysterious stranger who has been severely wounded and the story that ensues as they learn about his dangerous past. Learn More

66. The Piano
Holly Hunter stars as a mute woman who’s only expression of herself is by playing the piano. In an arranged marriage, her new husband refuses to let her have the piano. A neighbor and friend of her husband arranges a barter system to allow her a chance to have the piano back, and with the hopes to win her heart. Learn More

67. Annie Hall
A night club singer and television comedian meet and fall in love in this Woody Allen movie. But as their relationship continues, she decides she needs her independence, so travels back to Los Angeles and falls in love with another man. Can he win her back? Learn More

68. The Goodbye Girl
Richard Dreyfuss stars in this movie about mismatched roommates. The plot unfolds as resentment turns into caring for one another. Learn More

69. Dan in Real Life
Steve Carell stars as Dan, a widower with three daughters on vacation with his family. He meets a wonderful woman at a bookshop – only later to realize she’s dating his brother and staying with them on the vacation. Learn More

70. Ghost
They were deeply in love when he was tragically killed. His ghost teams up with a psychic to help uncover his murder and to protect her from the same fate. Learn More

71. Dirty Dancing
This classic love movie is about a girl vacationing who falls in love with a dance instructor. Learn More

72. Pretty Woman
She’s a street smart prostitute, he’s a wealthy businessmen. Could they fall in love? Learn More

73. Lady and the Tramp
This animated classic is about two dogs who fall in love, one from a wealthy upscale neighborhood, the other a stray. Learn More

74. Princess Bride
If you enjoy spoofs and parodies, you’ll love this story about Wesley and his quest to find and marry his beloved Buttercup. Learn More

75. Groundhog Day
A news reporter is sent to cover Groundhog Day, only to find that he keeps being forced to relive the same day over and over again! He meets and is attracted to this girl, and keeps trying each day to woo her until she falls in love with him. Learn More

76. Wall-E
A Pixar Disney movie, you’ll be sure to be captivated by the romantic story about a robot in love with another robot. Learn More

77. Moulin Rogue
This is a classic love story with a lot of complications. Will they be able to find happiness with each other? Learn More

78. Pearl Harbor
This is yet another movie where a love story encompasses a historic event in world history. Learn More

79. The Perfect Man
This heartwarming story is about a single mother and her daughter and their adventures to find true love. Learn More

80. See Jane Date
This romantic comedy is about Jane who ambitiously tries to find a date in time for her sister’s wedding and the Mr. Wrongs she meets in her search for Mr. Right. Learn More

81. America’s Sweethearts
This movie is about an estranged actor-actress couple who have created countless movies together. While everyone else is trying to make their latest movie a smashing hit and cover up their relationshop woes, he realizes he’s fallen in love with his wife’s sister. Learn More

82. Elizabethtown
He learns he has lost his father and his career on the same day. While traveling to his father’s home, he meets Claire, a sweet flight attendant. Might she be a silver lining? Read More

83. Benny and Joon
This is an offbeat love story about a loner, played by Johnny Depp, who falls in love with a slightly crazy woman with an overprotective brother. One of my favorite movies of all time, a must see romantic movie! Learn More

84. A Walk to Remember
This romantic movie is about two young people brought together, based on a popular novel by Nicholas Sparks. Learn More

85. Save the Last Dance
Sara wanted to be a ballerina when her mother’s tragic death ended her dreams and has her starting a new school where she meets some new friends and a potential love interest who introduce her to hip hop dancing. Learn More

86. Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Seemingly normal suburbanite Mr. and Mrs. Smith stuck in a boring marriage are actually high profile assassins, unbeknown to each other until they are hired to kill each other. Learn More

87. Never Been Kissed
Drew Barrymore stars as a nerdy journalist who never had a high school romance who goes back to school to write an undercover story on today’s teens. Will her high school horrors come back to haunt her? Learn More

88. The Wedding Date
Determined to not look like a loser in front of her ex-fiance at her sister’s wedding, she hires a male escort to accompany her. But will she end up liking him more for just appearances? Learn More

89. Tristan and Isolde
This medieval romantic movie is an epic tale about forbidden love. Learn More

90.If Only
Jennifer Love Hewitt stars in this movie about two young people in love. On the day they have a dramatic fight, she is in a terrible accident. Fate intervenes to give her grief stricken boyfriend a second chance. Will he be able to prevent their destiny? Learn More

91. Across the Universe
Love and war take precendence in this psychedelic movie set during the Vietnam war. Learn More

92. She’s All That
The popular high school jock is dumped by his girlfriend and enters a bet with his friends he can turn the nerdiest girl in school into a prom queen. But during his scheme he starts to fall in love with her. Will his deception ruin his chances at real love? Learn More

93. The Prince and Me
A med student falls in love with a foreign exchange student, only to later find out he’s a Prince! Can a poor girl from Wisconsin and a royal Prince make it together? Learn More

94. Maid in Manhattan
Jennifer Lopez stars as a maid who meets a handsome political candidate who mistakes her for a wealthy socialite. When he learns she is just a maid, their relationship is jeopardized by their differences in social status. Learn More

95. Bridget Jone’s Diary
Bridget journals about her misadventures with men and her seemingly hopeless quest to find love. Will she ever meet someone who treats her right?Learn More

96. Say Anything
John Cusack stars in this movie about a boy who falls in love with Diane. But with her father disapproving the relationship, do they have a chance at staying together? Learn More

97. Enchanted
A princess is banished from fairy-tale land by an evil step mother to the “real world” of modern day New York City. Will her prince charming come and rescue her? And will she be able to teach new found friend and his young daughter how to believe in fairy tales and add a little romance into their lives? Learn More

While Rocky and the movies in the series may be best known to be about boxing, there is some undeniable romance between the boxing champ and the love of his life Adrian. Learn More

99. Griffen and Phoenix
Griffen is a workaholic who learns he is dying with cancer. He meets Phoenix and despite the grim outlook the two find love in this bring your hankie romantic movie. Learn More

100.Definitely Maybe
This is a romantic comedy with a twist: A soon to be divorced father talks to his daughter about 3 women he’s fallen in love with and the reasons their relationships fell apart – and at the end she has to guess which one is her mother. Learn More

There you have it, my list of the 100 Best Romantic Movies! I’m sure there’s a few (maybe even 100 more?) romantic movies I didn’t include on this list, so if you know of any new romance movie releases on DVD I should include or a favorite movie about love that’s not in this list, share it in the comments below and I will consider if I compile a 100 Best Romantic Movies Part 2! Happy movie watching!

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