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The much-loved character, played by Alan Fletcher, was missing from the soap after a mysterious replacement took over his medical job.

Telly favourite Dr Karl placed tenth in a 2009 poll by Loaded magazine for “Top Soap Bloke”, voted third the following year as “Most Popular Doctor”.

Included in a list of the “Top ten hottest Aussie soap guys”, one journalist even stated: “It’s not worth thinking about a Ramsay Street without Dr Karl Kennedy in it.

“Alan Fletcher has charmed Neighbours viewers with his medical skills, smooth moves and his tendency to parent anyone who walks through the Kennedy door.

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Neighbours fans outraged as Alan Fletcher’s Dr Karl Kennedy is REPLACED

Wed, October 5, 2016

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It’s not worth thinking about a Ramsay Street without Dr Karl Kennedy in it

Dr Karl Kennedy fan

“Now a smooth crooner and frequenter of student nights in the UK to boot, Fletch has made it to the top of our ultimate Aussie soap heart-throbs list.”

Distraught viewers instantly took to social media bereft and grieving for their favourite doctor.

One viewer tweeted: “Who’s this doctor? It’s not Karl, so I can only assume Millsy will be dead soon. #Neighbours.”

“Who is this doctor? It is not Karl or David! IMPOSTER! #neighbours,” said another.


Will Alan Fletcher’s Dr Karl Kennedy return to Neighbours?

Fri, January 20, 2017

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Libby Kennedy – Kym Valentine left Ramsay Street in 2008 and recently gave birth to her second child

A third posted: “Dude, don’t trust doctors other than Karl #Neighbours,” as another raged: “#Neighbours Where the hell is Karl? Who’s the new quack running A&E? Is he breaking patient confidentially?”

A fifth asked: “Uh, who is this random doctor? Where is Karl? #Neighbours,” as another viewer wrote: “Where is Dr Karl?? Who is this dude lol #Neighbours.”

It comes as Leo (played by Tim Kano) and Amy (Zoe Cramond) shared a controversial kiss as the Australian incest storyline heats up.

The loved-up pair share their very first smooch, completely unaware that they could be related. How long will it take for them to find out?

Neighbours continues on Channel 5 at 5:30pm.

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