Good sites hairy gay men dating WANT HER DICK

Just when I think I’ve tried it all, they come out with a whole new app I simply must have.

While checkin’ into my Grindr tonight, I came across a cute enough guy with a profile too bitter for me to say hello to, but an interesting one nonetheless. It read: “Dropping all the d-bags on Grindr for the real men on Scruff.” So, assuming by connotative suggestion that this was an alternative gay hook up app that (I hoped) offered some big n’ hairy boys, I immediately set to downloading the new software and was very surprised with what I found.

Having reviewed a myriad of gay apps: BoyAHoy, West Fourth, DList and of course the most notorious of them all, Grindr, I have seen the best and worst that the iPhone has to offer us roaming horndog homos. While basically denouncing all but the original goodie Grindr, I’ve yet to to see an app that compares in the ease, speed and most importantly huge membership: Scruff however, just may be the competition that the Grindin’ boys never expected. The premise is the same: a free app that locates similarly logged in gays around you based on their GPS and tells you if they’re online as well as some “fun facts” about them. Recently- thank god for those who lean to the more verbose side of things like me- Grindr opened up its character allowance on the “profile” field wherein you’ll often see anything from: “Lookin’ for a mate or a date” to, “Single and Sucking.” Scruff however, comes across as more of a dating site/app, allowing for the insertion (pun intended) of more personal info to entice that local bearish man.

Asking you: “What you do”, “Where you live” and “What are you looking for”, Scruff is less “click and fuck” than most gay apps and seems a bit more relaxed and friendly. A huge fan of the bigger hookup sites like Manhunt and Dudesnude, there’s something to be said for the easier going online daters like where the men are all a bit more kind, almost always more mature and often a lot hairier 😉 Scruff definitely doesn’t false advertise as my screen of nearby studs was full of 30+ (for the most part), hairy and bigger (from chub to brawny) men. I was in heaven haha. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “But Adam, you have a swimmer’s build and look like you’re in your early 20s!” First of all, thank you! I’m actually 27. Second, the app’s description even allows for us “admirers” to join up: not just for the hirsute alone!

Creating a profile takes literally minutes and you can immediately begin searching from there! What really excited me was the sheer number of members on this puppy- I’d never even HEARD of Scruff or seen a single advertisement for it… maybe I’m out of the loop? The big issue with these ever-releasing apps is that they really only work when there’s a lot of guys using them. Well, this app does not have that problem. Living in the burbs outside of Vancouver, I was extremely pleased to find dozens upon dozens of guys in even a 5 mile radius; I’m sure the downtown core would have been littered with em! Christ, can you imagine how many I’ll find next time I’m in NY? WOOF!

And, speaking of woof: one of my favourite cute unique aspects of this program is the woofing function that allows you to leave a feral poke to the hottie on your screen if you’d rather not write a lengthy message or even bother type out: “Hey”. It’s perfect for those drunken nights after the bar when you’d rather not be alone but are also too wastie to write anything coherent. Finally, the app has a bit of a speed dating feel to it as you can rate your interest on each member (“Not my type”, “Maybe” and “Definitely”) and the app will alert the two of you if there is a shared interest, if not, no one is the wiser and no hurt feelings. You can even “check in” to places like on Facebook so the boys will get a feel for where you’ve been and what kind of guy you are… (sorry “guy who checked into the local scrap booking shop”, not quite who I’m looking for 😉

I am and always will be a huge fan of Grindr, but damn Scruff: you make a mean app! Lovin’ the big boys (the “good” kinda big ;), I can definitely say that Scruff has found a home on my iPhone and think at the very least you should give it a try. Unless of course the whole lean, cute boy thing is your scene, in which case: hit me up!

See you online men!!