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Since Steffy and Thomas are having trouble with their father, Ridge, on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, some fans would love to see their mother, Taylor, return to Los Angeles to be with her kids. But newer fans of the soap may be confused when Taylor’s name is brought up and wonder exactly who this woman is. Well, we’re here to share her crazy life story!

Taylor Hayes was introduced to B&B back in June of 1990 when Hunter Tylo joined the cast of the soap. She played the role until 2002 when the character was killed off. After a brief return as a ghost, Taylor reprised the role permanently in 2004, making her last appearances in 2014.

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Taylor and Brooke were constantly fighting over Ridge! (Photo Credit: John Paschal/JPI)

A renowned psychiatrist, Taylor counseled Ridge and Caroline as they dealt with her leukemia diagnosis. After Caroline’s death, Ridge was drawn to Taylor, who was seeing Storm. The shrink turned down Storm’s proposal and began dating Ridge, eventually marrying him in 1992 despite Brooke’s best attempts to split them up. A year later, while trapped in a cabin during an avalanche, Taylor slept with James so he wouldn’t die a virgin. Taylor was then presumed dead in a plane crash and Ridge went on to remarry Brooke.

In a bizarre twist, Taylor survived the crash but suffered from amnesia. She was rescued by Prince Omar Rashid and made his wife in Morocco. Taylor managed to escape and returned to California where she posed as a British nurse caring for a temporarily blinded Ridge before finally revealing herself.

But Ridge and Taylor’s marriage soon fell apart and he returned to Brooke. So when she discovered she was pregnant, Taylor let Thorne claim paternity instead. But after Thomas’ birth, Ridge learned the truth and they remarried. The following year, Taylor gave birth to their twins, Steffy and Phoebe. Tragically, in 2002, Taylor tried to save Eric from Sheila only to be shot by the psycho! She survived emergency surgery but ultimately died in Ridge’s arms.

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Ridge even dug up Taylor’s grave to make sure! (Photo Credit: Aaron Montgomery/

Despite appearing to her loved ones as a ghost, Taylor showed up in the flesh at Bridget and Nick’s wedding and revealed that she had been abducted by Prince Omar again and kept alive in a coma until she had fully recovered. Ridge found himself torn between the women in his life, but Stephanie faked a heart attack and begged him to choose Taylor over Brooke. However, after Taylor kissed Hector and confessed to her long-ago infidelity with James, Ridge dumped her.

Taylor began drinking heavily and while driving to pick up Phoebe on the Pacific Coast Highway, accidentally struck and killed Thorne’s wife, Darla! After an ill-fated relationship with Thorne, Taylor fell in love with Nick, and they conceived a child, Jack, through in vitro fertilization. Unfortunately, Taylor was crushed to learn that a mix up at the lab caused Brooke’s eggs to be used meaning that the boy was biologically her rival’s!

Jack was the cutest hot potato ever passed around! (Photo Credit: Aaron Montgomery/

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After an affair with Rick, Taylor divorced Nick and then ended up marrying Whip. She also bought 25% of Forrester Creations and signed those shares over to her daughter, Steffy. Whip dumped Taylor when he realized she was still in love with Ridge, and the shrink flitted between Ridge, Thorne, and briefly Eric. At Brooke’s birthday, Taylor revealed that her rival had cheated on Ridge with Bill Spencer, and then abruptly left town. In 2014, it was revealed that Taylor had reunited with Thorne and was living with him in Paris. After a brief return to Los Angeles, the couple returned to France where they ultimately broke up.

With Steffy and Thomas both in need of their mother, it would be the perfect time for Taylor to return to town and offer her kids some support. And if she does, it’ll certainly complicate things for Ridge! Stay tuned to see what happens next!

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