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Do you think that younger women think that men over 40 are attractive? I have to be very, very careful as I write this because I am now married and my husband is only 35 and sexy as. But I will delve into the various statistics and studies here on the subject of why men in their 40s are attractive, and how in many ways, they are nearing their attractiveness peak.

More self-confident

Older men know a thing or two about sounding confident. The older we get the less we care what others think of us. We enter a phase of “not caring” in that we have earned our right to be present in conversations and have our points heard. Once men reach their 40s, they are more confident in who they are, what they stand for and their own morals and ethics.

Once men reach the age of 40 they have more confidence than they did in their 20s and 30s. By age 40 you know who you are and what you have to offer the world – there is no longer any need to apologise for being you.

Still young enough to be a father

“Sexual attractiveness has never just been about looks — and looks do not go to poop at 39! It’s about attitude and confidence and intelligence and wit and charm and, subconsciously, fertility,” says UK’s The Telegraph. “A recent study found that 52% of respondents believe that men gain allure as they reach 40 — and 39+ men are still viewed as sex symbols, not father-types.”

Yes, it’s true. At age 40 men are still able to be fathers without the hazard of the biological clock that women have to suffer. It sucks, but that’s life, and why God is probably a man.

Still physically attractive

At age 40 men are still usually very physically attractive and often still gain the attention of women when out and about. In one survey on male attractiveness, 54% of the survey respondents said men “not being chatted up on nights out” was the clearest sign they no longer existed, sexually, according to The Telegraph. “The other “signs” are greying hair, double chins, thinning hair and having bad teeth.”

At age 40 you really are still quite physically attractive, particularly if you have been wise and looked after yourself and lived a reasonably healthy lifestyle. So, Do women really find older men attractive? Check out this blog post for more info. There are so many reasons that men over 40 are still so attractive.

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More self-assured

According to, “Men over 40 will try to do everything they didn’t get the chance to do during their younger years. They don’t have to worry about social, career or economic problems, thus, they can reach their goals more easily,” according to the website. “Even though they deny it, being middle-aged makes men more outgoing and they want to spend as much time as they can having sex.”

Men over 40 are often simply more self-assured than their younger brothers. They know what strengths they have and how to play to them. They are often better listeners too, and don’t feel the need to dominate the conversation like a younger, less self-assured man might. Men over 40 have so much to offer.

Own house, own car, own job

Another good thing about dating men over 40 is that they usually have more “material” possessions under their belts. While material possessions do not a solid relationship make, having them never hurts and allows people to focus on other aspects of the relationship, rather than striving to make ends meet. By the age of 40 most people will have had a few good jobs, hopefully a career, may have acquired property or necessary things such as a car, a retirement fund and a few savings.

However, some men may simply not want to share. One commenter on the Date Like a Grown Up blog named Greg says, “The biggest reason why I don’t want to date, and my male friends express the same sentiment, is that we fear losing our financial investments to a failed relationship. Let’s face it, at 42 years old we don’t want to be starting fresh mortgages or having to pay alimony. We are proud of our achievements and want to now invest in retiring early to enjoy life.”

So, all men over 40, take heart

Yes, there is plenty of hope for you. “Men and women are different in many ways,” says relationships expert Bobbi Palmer, “but we’re more the same than you may think. And this is especially true as we get older. We all have dating disappointments and horror stories.”

Alyce’s advice? Dating after 40 can be a lot of fun. Be honest with yourself and others and have a good time.